Why Pay To Volunteer

Volunteering while travelling has a far greater and positive impact than merely travelling to another country.
Volunteering enthusiasts often ask us ‘Why do I have to pay to volunteer? Should I not get supported by the project
to which I am going to help?’

It is a valid question and here are some of the facts about the projects that need volunteer support:

These are:

5. Finally, in reality, what you are paying for are:

6. Sometimes people also ask us “Can I do volunteering without paying?”
To that our answer is: Yes. You certainly can. There are a large number of social organisations that would be happy to get enthusiastic support from you and it is likely to be a good experience for you. However, since what they primarily do is social work, in most likelihood, you will need to make your own arrangements for food, accommodation, etc.
The challenges with this option are:

7. We are also asked “Volunteering is awesome. But I don’t know how to find the money”.