Vietnam Program

About Vietnam Program

Volunteering in Vietnam – ravishing coastlines, emerald green mountains, bustling cities and outstanding cultural interests.

If you are thinking of volunteering in Vietnam, you are taking the right decision because this destination has a lot to offer. There are various tribal villages to explore, sandy bays to witness, backwaters, reefs and coves of the island to visit as well as other activities. There is also the privilege of interacting with the local people who, in turn, will appreciate the kind gesture. The impact of the Americans can still be felt as you tour around this country.

Idex began its community development projects in Vietnam in 2014, covering various aspects of the social menace affecting all people, from children to women. Volunteering opportunities in Vietnam cover child abuse, the most common social menace in the nation, with various reports and practical cases involving about 4.3 million children.

These include multiple injuries, severe infection and burns, affecting the development and growth of children. There are no special measures taken at present to prevent this situation. Volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of these kids. Since children contribute to the development of any society, the future of these children has a direct effect on Vietnam as a whole. This is why all hands must be on deck to save these children from their present trauma and give them a future.

They need to be protected and carefully handled as well as given both emotional and financial support. How can all these be realized? Our various programs can answer this question if you choose to volunteer in Vietnam.

Apart from children who are affected by child abuse, women are another set of people who face some challenges such as domestic violence, abuse, trafficking and illiteracy. Volunteering in Vietnam can eradicate all these as various opportunities can be explored to give hope to these women who are looked upon as secondary elements who should not be considered for anything worthwhile in the society.

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