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Volunteering in Nepal – The country which very lately was the only Hindu kingdom of the world, took a giant leap to Democracy.

Volunteering in Nepal – Nepal, the country which very lately was the only Hindu kingdom of the world, took a giant leap to Democracy. We recommend volunteering in Nepal, an extremely picturesque and mystical nation which contains every attraction from its natural endowments to its charming and lively people and interesting places to keep your visit a memorable one. Mount Everest is located in this country and there are plenty of mountaineers who practise their mountaineering here. It is also popular for the presence of the Gorkhas (enemies’ nightmare). Since starting our program in Nepal two years ago, we have discovered a lot of hidden gems for our travellers. Some of the destinations within this country are Chitwan and Pokhara, adventurers’ and naturists’ paradise. We have lots of volunteering opportunities in Nepal for all our participants and partners.

Child abuse, which is one of the social evils prevalent in other countries of the world, is not exempted from this country. Children here are forced into hard lobar, a form of slavery which has invariably affected their education. According to the statistics of the Nepal Child Labour Report, 1.6 million children across the country are involved in child labour. This includes porters, mechanics, factory workers, carpet makers and other related cheap and unskilled labourers. Apart from child labour, child trafficking is prominent here as many children are reported missing for no explained reason. Children are faced with different challenges affecting their normal growth and development as well as their emotional and mental health. An opportunity for anyone to volunteer in Nepal can go a long way in building and reshaping the lives of these children.

Another issue that needs urgent intervention is that pertaining to the women folk. This category of people is discriminated against and also exploited in the country. They are neither given the equal right to education like their male folks nor are they given equal access to other basic resources. As relegated and neglected beings, they are not recognized in any national issue, but are subjected to maltreatment, suffering and gender discrimination. Their lack of education increases their illiteracy rate. These and other related problems can be solved through our volunteering project in Nepal.

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