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Why the Complete Asia Trip

Asia presents a sheer diversity of experiences to travellers and it is a continent of unmatched history, culture, beauty, safety and hospitality. Its towering peaks and arid deserts, bustling markets and secluded temples, sprawling cities and small villages, cutting-edge modernity and ancient history are proof of this – Asia comprises of all these and a lot more! It would take you a considerable amount of time to explore all the wonders of this continent.

The Complete Asia Experience would cover the whole of Asia in a single trip and you will experience the best of the continent while also participating in a wide variety of exciting activities. You will feel the thrill right from the moment you set foot on the Asian soil! You can experience your senses being stimulated as you head out into the exciting places full of cultural and historical significance and exquisiteness. To add to the benefits, your productive volunteering activities would give you the satisfaction and joy of having contributed positively to the society. A trip to Asia is one of the most rewarding, powerful and fun experiences that any traveller can have.


Features of The Trip

There would be a dizzying variety of experiences and activities in the program. From soft adventure to nature and culture, make sure to take a lot of photos so that you don’t forget what you experience in these 10 weeks. In this trip, you will gain:


Your safety and well being are the topmost priorities for us. We therefore ensure that you are on the
safest possible trip through various methods and setups.

We provide extensive information through pre-departure information, a thorough orientation and on-going reminders of safe practices. This information ranges from food safety, safe behaviour, responsibility of visitors and cultural appropriateness. This is one of most important safety features, as keeping you well informed is the best strategy to keep you safe.

We are with you at all times, whether it is an airport pick-up, a long journey, or moving you to your accommodation, either in the form of a local staff member or a vetted representative. This is our second most effective (after your training and information) means to ensuring total peace of mind for your family and you.

Hygienic meals are prepared by our experienced and trained cooking staff who undergo periodic training and use high quality ingredients and purified water for cooking.

Note: We may not be able to cater to your food requirements as per individual allergies. Make sure to ask us if we can serve you according to your needs before booking.

Safe, air-conditioned public transport (trains, flights) and insured private vehicles with licenced drivers are used in the delivery of all our programs.
We are aware of where you are at all times and have effective practices in place to track you through our staff and local partners.
As a well structured and extensive organisation, we give you access to a number of emergency contacts available throughout your program, right from the time of arrival in the country.
Pre-identified and vetted medical facilities are available in all our locations.

In addition to the above, you, your families and loved ones can be assured of:

your families can reach you through multiple touch points – our office, our local office in the country and our program leaders.
We would spare no effort or expense once we are aware of the need for extraordinary actions.

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