Radhika wants to fly in the free world of her own

11 years old Radhika was emotionally and physically hurt,as she recounts,when her poverty-stricken parents send her to a family and forced her into bonded labor for two years! Her father Amar and mother Rani, (name changed), came down to Jaipur to earn sufficient capital for releasing mortgaged land in their hometown, a village near Kolkata. Residing in one of the slum area of Ambedkar Nagar, they had extremely difficult days,struggled to earn living, working day and night… but still could not meet their requirement. Though his father was sensitive, affectionate and responsible but poor fellow had no choice left other

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Our Fantastic Four Strategies For Staying Safe In India

We’ve all been there. You’ve had the flights booked for months. Your itinerary has been revised and re-revised so much that recently you’ve started to dream in bullet points. Your mind is so made up that you’ve even bought those funky white pants you saw on sale the other day. Your last few niggling doubts are slowly but surely beginning to fade away – right up until you hear the famous refrain, echoed from nearly every corner: you’re going where?! Let’s face the facts. India is a beautiful and diverse country with a population of nearly two billion people –

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3 Reasons Volunteering Could Be Exactly What Your Trip Needs

Volunteering doesn’t have to be sweating heroically in 40-degree heat as you toil for hours on end for – that’s right – no pay. It can be a formative experience that leads to enduring friendships and special moments. Read on to find out why volunteering just may be the special something your traveling stew has been missing until now. 1. Living has never been so cheap Schemes like WOORF (working on organic farms) and (volunteering a certain number of hours a day at a variety of diverse and reputable centres around the world) have revolutionised what volunteering means to

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