Volunteer in Nepal – Child Care Program

Vibrant and Exotic Location

Kathmandu is a city in Nepal that offers wonder-filled and adventurous experiences to numerous travelers around the world. Ancient richness, bustling markets and a magnificent old town are all part of the greatness of this vibrant city.

Kathmandu is truly a magical land with its traditional holy places and the tourist Thamel district full of shopping zones, western cuisine and coffee shops. Your accommodation will be in a traditional Idex volunteer house which has all the modern facilities required for you and your fellow volunteers to have a pleasant and comfortable stay (such as free WiFi, meals, mini library, separate balconies and so on). Nepal’s history, culture and spirit of unity are sure to give you a fulfilling and enjoyable trip!

Child Care Program

Nepalese people face adversities that have a negative impact on their daily lives and limit their betterment. Malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty are some of the social evils in Nepal and the children here get deeply affected by them. The prospects of development for these young citizens are limited due to these economic and social issues. However, these children are so joyous and pure and are ever hopeful of a better future.

Helping the underprivileged children in the society while showing them care and affection is one of the most popular and satisfactory volunteering activities. The children of Nepal are in need of your support and the overall purpose of this program is to provide care and support to the infants and children from underprivileged communities and improve their standard of living. We are proud of the fact that numerous Nepalese children have benefited greatly through the services of Idex volunteers.

Be a part of this movement which works towards the betterment of the lives of children, who are the future citizens of the country. You will be a source of inspiration for these young minds and help them reach greater heights in life. This program will also make you inspired, refreshed and satisfied as you witness the real happiness evident on these young faces!

Make a Lasting Impact

By volunteering in this program, you will leave a lasting impact in the lives of the Nepalese children who benefit from your services and the program will, in turn, leave a permanent impact on your mind. We are on the lookout for adventurous people who not only want to travel the world, but also want to give back to it! Our volunteers not only get to visit the striking attractions of Nepal but also participate in a variety of fun activities and make a difference in young lives!

A Unique and Special Trip

Waking up to see a splendid view of the Himalayas is not something that many people are blessed enough to experience! Our program has plenty of sight-seeing, volunteering and other interesting activities which will enthrall you. You will also get to meet international volunteers from all parts of the world, learn from them and create lasting bonds of friendship!

Happy Volunteering!

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