Volunteering trend and motivational factors

Volunteerism has developed a visible and clear attitudinal shift in the behavior of volunteers, as volunteers observed an ability to look beyond stereotypes and realized the needs of the disadvantaged society.  These activities, however, also have helped volunteers to know better themselves and develop problem-solving skills. Moreover, volunteering activities helped them to understand certain issues that various NGOs worked and articulated about such issues. Greater values related to volunteerism has helped youth volunteers to develop various skills in a better way.

Sustainable efforts of volunteer can be made in a superior and valuable manner with the help of designing a feedback form for volunteers, and conducting one-to-one meeting with volunteers for sharing their experiences. In a study, conducted by PRIA (Society for Participatory Research in Asia), about 20 million people in 2002 were engaged in the volunteering sector. These activities of volunteering are considered as the driving force for the improvement of civil society. There are a number of benefits that are obtained from the volunteerism activity, as it considered as the powerful tool for personal growth and social change in the society.

With the help of volunteering activities, an individual can show human spirit by caring and developing stronger communities, with an increase in the social capital.  A positive difference in somebody’s life, works as a motivational tool for volunteers to participate in volunteering activities. Social reasons also work as a motivational tool for volunteering as volunteers get a chance to meet new people and make friends.  PRIA has given that volunteering activities in rural areas is much higher than the urban areas. Volunteer management training should be implemented for the effective management of volunteer.

In the competitive world, volunteers are seeking a number of different activities that are skill-based, project- based, creative, focused on impact, meaningful and challenging, offer targeted experience or training and develop a feeling of making a difference. Volunteer expect a fast response time and want to learn more things with professionalism.  India is considered as a super-powerful nation and there are chances for development, brotherhood and equality. Volunteering activities can be done for under-privileged people, who have seldom opportunities for growth. In everyday rat race life, a feeling of apology and discontentment develops and by volunteering, this feeling of guilt bridges between spiritual self and materialistic need.

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