Teen Volunteering

Teen, for a country is considered as the future that has the responsibility to frame the future and develop in the highly competitive world. As said by Mahatma Gandhi, “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children”, states that the teen and young people will work as a strong base for the better development of an individual and society. Volunteering is one such activity that will help in the personal development of teen and young people. These volunteering activities help in enhancing skills and employability skills of young people. This will also help in increasing their understanding about providing protection from war, climatic changes and environmental damage, which is caused due to various human activities. These activities will help teen and young volunteer to implement sustainable development plan for the betterment of community.

With the help of engaging young people and teen as volunteers, will help in developing language skills and will develop the ability to communicate in different culture. This will also improve the work experience of young and teen volunteers to work in internationally and different environment. Volunteers can gain firsthand experience by working in a local orphanage and also with street children present in different centres.

These can also engage themselves in painting or other sports coaching so as to ensure overall development of these street and orphan children. Along with this, with the help of various fun related educational activities learning of students in different programs can be developed for better life. These volunteering activities will help in developing leadership quality by establishing a connection with the world so as to develop and implement for the growth of community. Working in a different culture will help in developing knowledge about different culture and help in gaining insight about the perspective of life for the up-liftment of society.

Such programs help in exploring new ideas, which else ways have not been used and also skills that might have not used due to dearth of opportunity. Volunteering activities work as an opportunity, which will help in finding a number of ways for the development of young population. Hence, for the overall development of an individual, it is essential that volunteering should be promoted among young and teen people for the growth of a community.

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