Teach and Thrive at Idex

Teach and thrive is a special teaching internship program, implemented to gain teaching work experience.  This is a type of program that has been put into action with an aim to provide better opportunities, who want to get work experience and get involved in various cultural activities. Under this program, you will teach English and live in a country of different cultural background.  ‘Teach and thrive’ is basically a ‘cultural exchange’ program that helps participants to learn new culture and in turn also help local community by providing English language teachers, who are experienced, skilled and learned.

In order to participate in such activities, you need to have TEFL certificate. In case, if you do not have this certificate and want to teach then, you can get certificate after four weeks training arranged by us. Once the certificate is awarded, you would be eligible to participate in ‘Teach and Thrive’ program and teach students. In this program, you can get in the form of paid (non-monetary benefits) and non-paid program. The non-monetary benefits that you get include accommodation, food and domestic transportation facilities provided by the educational institute.

During this program, you will be provided orientation session about the Indian culture and various practices and methodology used for teaching to Indian students.  This will help you to develop skills that make you trained and experience intern through a number of different things. These activities include management of classroom, arrangement of interactive measures to teach, teach every student equally and observe development at the professional level as a teacher in oneself.  ‘Teach and thrive’ is a program that would help you to develop professionally and you will feel confident as a teacher.

Idex also provide TEFL Training Internship program, which include pre-decided module and include certain activities such as skills for classroom management, focuses on vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation and other related miscellaneous activities for professional development. Learn about new culture by working in close with community and develop efficient employability skills to get success in professional life.  Along with this teaching internship, internships are also available in the hospitality sector depending on the ability and qualification of intern.

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