Statistical information about volunteers in January

Volunteers from all across the world come to volunteer with us and help needy people to indulge them as a part of community. Volunteers help them with the help of various activities such as educating them, teaching them basic Mathematics and English. Women empowerment, child-care and orphanage assistance are some of the activities that volunteer are involved in to help the poor community. We have participants from a number of countries and on the basis of the number we have presented a pie chart on the basis of the data for the month of January.

This pie chart given stated that about 86% of the total participants are female as they feel safe and secure by participating and working as a volunteer with us. These female volunteers work with children and women by teaching them about basic knowledge for their societal improvement. This data reveals that women volunteers in Asian countries feel safe and secure while working with us. We provide them assistance at various places and provide them fully secure environment to work in. A guide related with the safety tips in a small budget is also provided for volunteers coming to volunteer regarding basic information.

Similarly, when these volunteers were analyzed in terms of their nationality, than, it was observed that mainly volunteers belong to the UK, that is, about 26%. On the other hand, Denmark gained second position in terms of the participation of volunteers to help needy people and make them the part of the community. While, 6% of the volunteers were from Brazil and 8% of the total volunteers were from Australia. About 13% of the total volunteer was from US, Algeria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Mangolia and the Netherland. Volunteering in the UK is the most common activity due to survey carried by the Community Life survey organization in the UK have stated that in the year 2013-2014, about 44% of the total population participated in formal volunteering activities. Such kind of participation is appreciated to a greater extent, as this impacts their professional life.  In the UK, young people are more involved in the volunteering activities and create value for such activities for volunteer and beneficiaries.

World Giving Index 2014 has also given that Mongolia is on 32th position in terms of giving. While, it was on 59th position in 2011, which states that the volunteering among the population of Mongolia has increased with the passage of time. Similar, the Netherland has occupied 12th position in the World Giving Index 2014 stating that a large number of populations participate in various volunteering activities. Such kind of information reveals that the services offered by us are significantly customized and globally accepted.

The data complied is of January month 2015, stating that the services offered by customized and volunteers recommend our services significantly. Volunteering assistance is given at every step of program to avoid any problem and work smoothly and fulfil the aim of volunteers to help the needy people.   For the safety and security of travellers while travelling, a guide is provided that would help you to travel safely.

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