A large number of volunteers are from India

The slogan “acche din” given by Narendra Modi (PM of India), has come true in every field, even in the field of volunteering activities. In terms of giving, India has acquired a strong position in the chart released by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) that compiles the World Giving Index annually. According to CAF, about 18.65 crore Indians support one or other non-profit organization, commonly known as NGOs, by giving effort and time. In the same chart, China has acquired a fourth position with only 6.8 crore people in various volunteering activities. From the previous studies, it has been found that an increase of three percentages in volunteering activities occurred and reached up to 29 million people in 2013.

In the recent year, India has climbed from 93 ranks to 69 out of total 135 countries, which have participated in the World Giving Index 2014 survey. The numbers of people who give money for charity, time or help to stranger are the three measures, which index take into consideration during the year 2013. About 40.9 crore Chinese population came out and helped stranger and acquired first position, on the other hand, India with about 34.6 crore people working as volunteer, was on second position as per CFA.

An increase of about 10 percent has been observed in the number of people helping stranger as an act of kindness in the year 2013. About 17.5 crore of the US population and 24.9 crore population have donated money as an act of charity, in comparison to China, which has a larger adult population and only 14.8 crore donated.

CAF India has said that the overall population of India donating money has not changed and is same 28% as that of previous year, but people have found a new technological means to donate money and respond to a number of natural disasters across the country. CAF India Meenakshi Batra has shown a hope that people across the country will find innovative and sustainable ways to support and show volunteering activities.

In spite of the fall in the proportion of population donating money and devoting time for NGOs and other related volunteering activities has seen a slight decline due to the slowdown of activities globally. However, this fall has balanced and has increased the number of population donating time and helping others. The most generous countries found in this area were the US and Myanmar, which is followed by Canada, Ireland and New-Zealand at the last position.

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