English as second language

Across the world, English is used as a common means of communication, and has a great reach and is influential. There are about 6,000 different languages that are spoken around the world, but from these different languages, the common means of communication used is English and due to its easiness to learn. In about 54 countries, English is used as official language. Due to dispersion of British colonies, English has spread widely and language as acquired attention of people across the world. There are a number of countries, where English is not first language and people are not able to speak properly.

From a scientific study, it has been made clear that knowledge of another language helps in boosting brainpower. The British Council has estimated that about 1 million people are learning English as a second language. English learning will improve your prospectus career opportunities and also provide an opportunity to improve ahead in professional as well as personal life. Thus, the importance of English cannot be ignored or denied as it is used for communication internationally. Due to this reason, this language is taught to people in different circumstances and situations.

Globalization has resulted in an increase in the use of English language up to a great level and is used conveniently for communication among population across the world. It has been observed that a huge amount of information is locked in the English language and, hence, it become essential to learn the language to share the ideas and communicate effectively.

Keeping this in mind, Idex provide a centre for learning English in a better and effective manner. Learn English with a number of different methods such as kinaesthetic, auditory and visual methods. These are the interactive and easy methods to learn English easily.

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