Emma from Idex Sri Lanka Volunteer Program

Hi, my name is Emma, I’m 20 years old and I come from Denmark. This summer I graduated from school and I decided to take a year “off” to travel around and see the world from new perspectives. As my first experiences from this travelling-year I went to New York City for almost two month. This was more than amazing. Now I’m volunteering with IDEX in Sri Lanka which is also really nice. I’m here with my friends from Denmark and we are going to stay here for 4 weeks, working at the boys collage project together. Afterwards we will go to Vietnam for 4 more weeks but just as a vacation – not with IDEX.
The project – fun and interesting: working at the boys collage is very interesting. At the school we have a little more than 200 boys from 1-5 Grade. The boys are so cute and happy all the time. Obviously the culture here is very different than in Denmark. First of all there are a lot of boys in one class which often makes it difficult to control. Also the way the teachers sometimes handle the situations but I guess that is just the culture. A lot of the boys really have a hard time learning English which makes it even harder for us as teachers because we don’t speak their language. Our only communication with them is in English. Actually the smaller grades (1 and 2) are the easiest. They are almost at the same easy level all of them. HERE you can really make a difference by new methods… the older grades are really hard to teach anything because their levels are so different from each other.

Some boys in 2nd grade are way better than some boys in 4thor 5thgrade and this really makes it hard for us. They need special help but they don’t have. Actually some of them don’t even know the alphabet. Otherwise it is very funny at the school and we feel very safe and wanted there. It will defiantly be hard to leave them.
About living in the house – perfect:
Staying with IDEX here in Sri Lanka has been amazing. At this point we have only four days left which is kind of sad because I really like it here. People in the house are really sweet and nice to be with.During our stay here we have been around 5-7 volunteers in the house (not the same people all the time). I have made several new friends from different countries in the world. I have had nothing to complain about at all.My friend and I especially got close to a girl from Brazil. We shared room together for three weeks and we have to see her again one day. Everyone is happy and easy to live with. The rooms are very clean, the beds are nice, and we have big “private” bathrooms. Also the rest of the house is perfect. We have a big living room where all of us can hang out together. Manonri, our sweet kitchen lady, cooks lovely vegetarian food for us every day. Vegetarian might sound very different for some of us but even I got surprised – nothing to complain about here either. Bhagi, who is our manager, takes really good care of us. He is nice to be around, he follows us to our projects and he is very helpful with everything – especially the weekend trips.

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