Childcare projects opportunities in India.

There are a number of issues that are faced by children, related mainly with health, malnutrition and education in terms of health. Along with this, UNICEF has also given that about 11 million children in India live on streets and due to this reason; these are not able to access the essential resources necessary for life. The malnutrition has developed the risk of disease among children; along with this social exclusion, violence; neglect and absence of stimulating environment are also some of the issues that are faced by children.

It has been found that children deprived of parental care are more prone to inadequate care, discrimination and abuse. A number of resources are required for the overall growth of children, which these are deprived of.  In this line, to improve the condition of children, childcare projects are presented. In childcare program, there are a number of activities and interactive sessions, with the help of which, the condition of children can be improved. Childcare projects that can be implemented include the projects, which focuses on providing safe environment and describing the importance of personal hygiene.  Volunteer can also work in the direction to assist infant mothers about the importance of hygiene and essential nutrients for the overall growth of child.

Along with this, volunteers can also provide emotional support to children, who face problem of discrimination and abuse by giving them a platform to express themselves with the help of various creative activities and games.  Volunteers can also work in aligned fashion with the street children by integrating with the mainstream society by developing an understanding about health and secure environment. This can be achieved by providing care, basic literacy, affection and meals to learn and develop in reality.

Children across India also face a problem related with the small living space, which works as a great barrier for extracurricular activities and growth of children. With the help of the stimulation and creative planned activities, volunteers can make these children for physical and mental exercise for 360 degree growth. With the help of such activities, taking place in the early years of growth of children, it helps in developing a sense of responsibility socially and environmentally for productive and intellectually competent child. These programs will help in improving confidence and better communication skills for the growth of children.

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