Adam Larsson from Idex Sri Lanka Volunteer Program

My name is Adam and I’m from Sweden. I’m 19 years old and graduated from school last summer. After I graduated I decided to take a gap year before University so I could get more experience and explore more than I otherwise wouldn’t have done. One part of my gap year was to volunteer work in Sri Lanka for six weeks. And to make a choice what to work with, it wasn’t so difficult. When I read about that you can teach monk I decided quite quickly to do that.

Now when I have worked with them some weeks, I really enjoy it. The best thing is when you learn about the Monks lives and about their religion. In Sweden we live in quite a different way so I learn very much from spending time with the Monks. The Monks are pretty old as well so they can share some life experience.

In the house where all of us volunteers stay, is really nice. Clean, good food and very good IDEX staff that takes care of us. They also help us when we, for example, plans our trips on the weekends with hotels, transport etc.

In the weekend we have experience a lot of Sri Lanka. Often we go on Saturday morning to some place and stay one night and doing different thing. Like going on Jeep safari, climbing Adam’s Peak, visited Kandy and visited the beautiful beach in Unawantura. So I really enjoy it here.
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