Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. It’s those of you who don’t hesitate to engage in the act of giving, doing your service to humanity that are here, reading this piece of writing.

Those of you who love purity, serenity, nature and quietude will definitely love the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Land of the Lion. You’ll definitely feel very much at home in Sri Lanka, for its people are warm, friendly and world renowned for their splendid hospitality. What’s more, this small island has opportunities for volunteers in every nook and corner!

What is the cost of Volunteering Abroad?

By volunteering you already do a service to others, sacrificing your free time. But this can’t be done without any cost, especially when volunteering abroad. You do have to part with some of your money, be it volunteering by yourself or with a volunteering organization like Volunteer & Travel. You may wonder why you have to pay an organization when you’re willing to dedicate your precious time for a social service in a less privileged country. However, the money you pay such organizations is utilized for the costs borne for food, airport transfers, local transportation, and also for getting assistance from local teams.

Delving into Volunteering in Sri Lanka itself, this is a low cost destination that does not extract exorbitant figures to volunteer in.

In the majority of other countries, you are required to pay the respective institution you volunteer at. However, this isn’t a requirement in Sri Lanka. Even so, both locals and tourist alike, for the sake of ethics, pay the respective institution they volunteer at, so that the institutions may be upgraded and developed.

How can you apply for Volunteering in Sri Lanka?
Volunteering anywhere abroad, requires a standard streamlined procedure. The most basic steps are as follows:

1. Come up with the kind of volunteering work you would like to engage in
Be it related to teaching, turtle conservation, monk teaching and taking care of children or spending some time with elders, you must have a clear idea of what exactly you would like to do during your volunteer service

2. Find a suitable organization or institute and share detailed information about your desired project and why you would like to engage in it
Getting permission from the relevant organization or institute you would like to collaborate with, is mandatory. You can be assured that you’d be granted consent immediately, for everyone loves having volunteers to help them out!

3. Check the reviews of this organization
However, you must be very careful in selecting such an organization. Make sure it is a registered organization, and also that it is a safe place to work in.

4. Find out the best period for volunteering
Usually there is no specific period as such to volunteer – you’d be welcomed with open arms at any time of the year. This doesn’t apply to all places however. For example, if you are interested in volunteering at a school, going during the months of April, August and December would be utterly futile as this is when children get their school holidays.

Also, Sri Lanka is a country with a large number of public holidays; most institutes and organizations don’t function on these days, so that would be a pointless exercise too.

5. Reserve a spot with the relevant organization
After communicating with the organization, reserve your spot and be sure to get an acknowledgement letter from the said organization that you will be volunteering for a specified period of time

6. Book your flight tickets
Once you’re done with that procedure, the rest goes according to a usual travel trip. First, you have to book return airplane tickets.

7. Apply for Visa
You’ll have to apply for Visa depending on the country you come from. (Some countries don’t require a Visa to visit Sri Lanka).

8. Visit local doctor for vaccinations
Before you travel internationally, ensure that you are up to date on allyour routine vaccines, as well as travel vaccines. You may be exposed to different diseases based on the countries you are visiting. The MMR (Measles – Mumps –Rubella vaccine is a must when travelling abroad.

9. Get pre-departure information and attend to your packing accordingly
When volunteering, there might be specific equipment or types of clothes that are required. Make sure you pack everything accordingly

What are the best places to see in Sri Lanka while volunteering?

Like I’ve mentioned before, Sri Lanka has a plethora of places where everyone would love volunteering at. You have to get consent from the respective institution, of course, but you’ll rarely hear no for an answer!

If you’re interested in caring for people, there’s an assortment of places for you!
Those who take a delight in working with children,can volunteer at many schools both in the major cities and in rural areas. Should you go to a rural area, you must have a local guide with you, though, as communication will be bit of a hassle. You won’t have to face this in major cities which are generally, English speaking.


The above places are just a handful of places you might want to volunteer at, in
Sri Lanka. Once you go there, you’ll find that Sri Lanka has a very easy and comforting atmosphere about it, that you’ll never want to stop trying out all the places possible, to volunteer at!

So, good luck volunteering in Sri Lanka!

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